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A whiff of your dad’s heady cologne; the petrichor aroma of a newly soaked garden; the savory and sweet aroma dissipating from your favourite pâtisserie; 

Fragrances have the power to revive memories and conceive new ones.  

Lab of Scents is an experimental, fragrance boutique dedicated to bringing together traditional aromas and exquisite global ingredients. We craft soulful chronicles with one-of-its-kind olfactory signature ingredients to caress your senses and dare you to build your fragrant landscape. 

Inspired by the global rich practices of Middle East to age-old distilleries of Kannauj and to the tanneries of Grasse, France; Lab of Scents invites you to surrender in our splendour of contemporary creations and classic sillages. 

Lab of Scents produces clean, ethically sourced, gender-inclusive, long-lasting, luxurious scents that compliment the always-delicate and sometimes-brittle temperament of India. We proudly rely on the quality of our globally-sourced ingredients and our expertise to offer the finest perfumes and ouds.

Face Cream
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